Electronic Music Producer

Swordxl is the solo project of Yasser J, young producer based in Barcelona (Spain) develops his passion for Electronic music and the world of music production, standing out by his originality and sensitivity.


Swordxl has taken his intelligent way of performing composing mix on stages and live performances, accomplishing his idea of making music that makes you dream and feel.


Swordxl's music and compilation releases have appeared on labels such as LaHipnopia Netlabel (Spain), LaBolatory Netlabel (Spain), Warmy Music (Argentina), µsicaCulpable (Venezuela), Envizagae Records (Germany), Cosmicleaf Records (Greece), Boltfish Recordings (UK), Digital Vomit Records (U.S.A) Xynthetic Netlabel (Canada / R.I.P) and numerous releases on his own labels.


Swordxl also made collaborations & remixes with artists such as:


State Shirt (USA), Kick Bong (FR), Trifonic (USA), Liquid Rainbow (IT), Prinze J (USA), Moris Code (USA), Rajstah Vibe (UK), Axel Thesleff (UK), Curtsy Psyche (PT), Joe Zanini (USA), Mattan (Israel), Xtrngr (Spain), Adyo (Spain), Nail in Head (Russia) Montt Mardié (Sweden), Jedong (UK/Philippines), Odessa Soundfreaks (Ukraine), Noize Finzter (Spain), Nahuel Tijsi (Spain), Folter (Spain), CeDigest (UK), MiDee (Spain), BTB (Argentina), Alex DeLarge (Venezuela), 1ntelivizi0n (Venezuela), Kaith (Venezuela), ENV(itre) (Germany), Fissure (Venezuela), Boonk (Venezuela), MsSpknSs (Venezuela) and many more artists.


Another Chance Records & Only Good Shit Records was set up By Yasser J, after many years of making music, he decided to setup his own labels to follow his passion further.


:: Official Dates and Radio References ::


· Upcoming Releases & Collaborations ·
*VA - Third Envizion (Coming Soon)*


· Radio Shows ·

27.01.2009 - Netwaves @ Episode 3.08 (Radio Scorpio 106 FM / Belgium)

11.01.2011 - Reload Music: Special MicroNights @ Scanner FM (Reload Music / Microfusa / Spain)

25.01.2011 - Groc Doc: La Importancia del Booking y el Management @ Scanner FM (Reload Music / Microfusa / Spain)

01.02.2011 - Especial Surface Festival @ Scanner FM (Reload Music / Microfusa / Spain)

29.04.2011 - Kick Bong @ Trancedanse - Radio Campus Orléans 88.3 FM (Remixes)

08.10.2011 - Kick Bong @ Le Vestibule Radio, CFOU 89,1 FM, France (Remix)


· Official Live Dates ·

03.02.2011 - Swordxl Live Set @ The Glass Cocktail Bar (Barcelona)